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Relocating your family? With a 26-foot Super Mover or a 24-foot Household Mover, you can safely and smoothly move up to seven rooms of household items. You should even have more than enough room for the little extras that many people choose to leave behind, only to replace them later, anyway. You can even use the exclusive Mom’s Attic (located directly above the cab) to transport your most delicate, valuable possessions.
You should consider getting a bigger truck for local moves. It may seem like a waste of space, but without having to stack items, you lower the chances of things falling and becoming damaged in transit.


Our van trailers give you a little extra hauling space during your move. These aerodynamic, lightweight trailers will help you safely transport your possessions while also improving your car’s gas mileage. All of our van trailers are also equipped with smooth, padded, weatherproof interiors, featuring rub rails and tie-downs to protect all of your possessions.

The van trailer is also the perfect place to stash the items you need immediate access to during the move. Rent the trailer and save the cost of having to replace damaged items later.
U-Haul’s open trailers offer a unique solution for local errands in town, like moving pieces of furniture, hauling building supplies, and more. You can also save money by not having to pay delivery fees for the furniture you have purchased.

With 5x8 and 6x12 galvanized open trailers, you can easily and securely fit many standard-size household items up to eight feet in length. The open trailers allow these items to be laid flat on the floor of the trailer, so you can load an entire home improvement project or easily move a couch. For smaller projects, we've got a 4x6 open trailer available, as well.
If you need to move a vehicle, U-Haul has a great range of solutions, being the only moving company that will rent towing equipment for one-way moves without a moving van. This is perfect if you are showing your car at a car show, purchasing a new vehicle, or traveling the country in a motor home. Count on U-Haul to have the proper equipment for towing your vehicle.

With a U-Haul Auto Transport, you can transport your towed vehicle with all wheels off the ground, so the vehicle doesn’t undergo unnecessary wear and tear during long distance moves. It also has extended ramp lengths for cars with lower clearance and a surge brake for maximum stopping distance.

The U-Haul Tow Dolly, on the other hand, keeps the front wheels of the towed vehicle raised off the ground and offers a low-cost choice for transporting front-wheel drive cars. The tow dolly can accommodate vehicles with low clearance or spoilers, and has a swivel design eliminating rear-tire wear for improved maneuverability.
Our motorcycle trailers are an affordable alternative to buying and storing your own trailer for towing your motorcycle. The trailer is designed for towing big bikes (up to 790 lbs. and 100 inches long), so you can rest assured your bike will make the trip unharmed. The trailer design allows you to drive your bike right up the EZ-Load Ramp, which is permanently attached and can be towed in a full upright position or tilted back to allow more space for bikes with rear bags.

The U-Haul Motorcycle Trailer is low-profile and lightweight, making it easy to tow with any car with a 2" ball hitch. Multiple heavy-duty tie-down rings are provided – use our sport straps, or use your own. You also get 24-hour road service for this trailer in the U.S. and Canada.
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